Dell & HP fight over 3Par

Dell tops Hewlett-Packard’s bid for cloud computing specialist 3Par | Technology | The Guardian.

The article suggests that 3Par might be useful for cloud computing, and I agree.  On the other hand, neither Dell nor HP have done much in delivering their own public clouds yet, and they both have existing enterprise storage business that is probably threatened by 3Par.

The retail value (based on Amazon Web Services pricing) of 1 TB of cloud storage sold for 3 years is just under $3K.  This means that whoever buys 3Par will have to sell 533 PetaBytes of cloud storage to pay back the 1.6B bid.  I am not exactly sure what to compare that number to, so I cannot say if that is trivially low, or impossibly large, but it seems like a lot for a company that doesn’t even have a solution in this space yet.

On the other hand, Dell and HP are both probably loosing deals every day to 3Par, especially with 3Par’s 50% reduction guarantee.

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